Monday, 22 August 2011

My first kindle cover

I just finished making my very first kindle cover and here it is...

I am pleased with it but I did have a few problems with the measurements as I don't have a kindle and should have borrowed my mother in-law's to help make it. This one is actually a gift for her birthday.. shhhh..

Saturday, 20 August 2011

My first table runner

Well, here's my first table runner.. pretty basic and simple but hey! I bought this Scandinavian looking fabric from Ikea (one of my favourites stores) and actually they have quite a nice selection of fabrics at pretty reasonable prices.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Halloween Inspirations

I love Halloween... I know it's still a way from now but I still enjoy looking at all the interesting and creative things people make and decorate. Here's some that's I love!

Project #1 ~ My Autumnal Wall Hanging

The following pics is my first quilting / sewing project I've ever done. I saw something like it in one of my favourite shops (Liberty Bell in Chester) and we decided to do one ourselves. My husband, Martin, is a really good artist and I can't draw (not even a stick person, lol), so he's kindly volunteered himself by making the templates for me. What a nice husband!

I found a beautiful Charm Pack from Moda called Antique Fair and I used 12 squares from it and have already created the scrappy quilt top. Next we are going to appliqué a few autumnal images on to it. I'm really looking forward to starting this stage because I get to play around with a few stitches on my machine and may even try doing blanket stitching by hand if my machine can't. By the way, I have no previous experience in Sewing or Quilting at all, I just stumbled upon an American quilting company called Missouri Quilt Co and watched all their amazing tutorials, done by Jenny, who makes quilting look so easy that someone like me who has no experience can pick it up and create something in no time! So I totally recommend watching their tutorials if you are new to the world of quilting; or even if you're looking for some inspiration in your next quilting project.

************************ Update ************************

Yipppeeee... It's now complete!! All I have to do is cut down the wooden rod and hang it up. I'm pretty surprised at how well it turned out. Now on to the mother daughter project.. No rest for the wicked I tell ya! :)

Manchester and fabric shopping

Today my husband had the day off so we went into Manchester for the afternoon and went looking for some fabric for the autumnal wall hanging we're making (pics to come) at Abakhan Fabrics. What a great shop! You can find anything and everything (crafty) in there. They sell most of their fabric by weight and at first I thought it might end up being expensive but it wasn't. It was a really good deal! So while I was there I found some extra fabric for Christmas ideas. After our shopping in the lovely fabric store we headed to The Arndale (a huge mall) and bought a really cute top from New Look.. so it was a very productive day for me :)

Inspirational Autumn Quilts & Things

Found on: Bunny Hill Designs

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Inspirational sewing projects

Found on: House On The Hill

Found on: House On The Hill

Found on: House On The Hill

Inspirational Quilting Projects

Found on: The Birdhouse 

Found on: The Birdhouse

Found on: The Birdhouse

A very warm hello!

Welcome everyone! This is officially my first post on my blog! Very exciting.. lol. I am going to post some photos of some inspirational crafty projects today. PS: please bear with me while I get this blog going it might take me a couple of days. :)